Yogavatar® Zen with R2: Affirmation for Wisdom 60min Level-1

Welcome to Yogavatar Zen, a yoga practice for relaxing repairing and rejuvenating your body and mind. Our focus today is “affirmation for wisdom and knowledge”. We will practice with positive affirmations. By repeating the positive affirmation to unleash your inner wisdom.  It is often said, “Change your thoughts, change your life”. It is possible to fill the mind with health thoughts by using positive affirmations. 

In this 60minutes yoga practice, we will have 5 restorative yoga poses, and we will stay at each pose for 3 minutes, it’s enough for you to relax, repair and rejuvenate your body and mind. While holding at the pose, first you let your body settle into a steady and comfortable position, then you let your body relax and do not move anymore. Then you start to focus on the breath, breathe in and out through your nose slowly and deeply, you can either use natural breathing or ujjayi breathing (Ocean Breath). Slow and deep breath will make your body and mind more relax and calm. R2 will mention an affirmation, mentally repeat the affirmation. Repeating these affirmations over and over impresses the subconscious mind to such a degree that it slowly starts transforming the body to align with the positive thoughts. The session will conclude with a mantra asatoma satgamaya- from darkness to light. Lead me from illusion from reality; Lead me from ignorance to knowledge; Lead me from death to immortality.

Affirmations for wisdom:

  • I attract love, wealth and wisdom
  • Wisdom and wealth flow into my life naturally
  • My wisdom gives me the ability to perceive, believe and proceed.
  • I become wiser and smarter with time, and my wisdom grows more and more
  • I open my heart to the wisdom and love of the universe.
  • I radiate wisdom and understanding.
  • I trust my inner wisdom.
  • Divine wisdom flows freely into my life.
  • Every day I open my mind and discover new wisdom
  • My calm mind opens me to inner wisdom.
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