Program: Yoga For Beginner | Affirmation Zen Series with R2

Welcome to Yogavatar Zen, a yoga practice for relaxing repairing and rejuvenating your body and mind. We have made this ...
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Program: Yoga for Beginner | Back to Basic 4-week Challenge with R2

If you're looking to start or re-boot a home practice or simply looking to brush up on your yoga basics, ...
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Program: Yoga For Beginner | Chakra Balancing Yoga Nidra Series with iRyne

A sequence to practice before lying down for Yoga Nidra guided meditation. The sequence is created to help release all ...
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Program: Yoga For Beginner | Sunshine Flow Series with R2

This dynamic flow-focused Yoga Series begins with centering in vajrasana. After that, you’ll warm up with gentle movements before moving ...
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Tutorial: Surya Namaskara Classical Sun Salutation with iRyne: What & How 30min

A step-by-step yoga tutorial by iRyne Yogavatar. In this video you will learn what is Sun Salutation and how to ...
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