Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment & Cancellation policy

ISPIRIT premium Service and any Additional Content are purchased via ISPIRIT website or via Apple’s iTunes store or Android’s Google Play store. When you purchase the subscription, you are also subject to the iTunes or Google Play terms of service.

Paid subscription

To access the service fully, including (but not limited to) an option to allow the instructor to see you via the web camera and provide personalised instruction, you will have to create an account and pay via an auto-renewing subscription from ISPIRIT web site, Apple’s iTunes store or Android’s Google Play store. In Finland you have also an option to buy a fixed term subscription with supported sport vouchers (we may change the support for sport vouchers at our discretion).

Renewals and cancellations

Your subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period (except if a fixed term subscription). You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time from within the application (if purchased online) or by signing in to your iTunes or Google Play account on your computer or iOS or Android device and changing the settings. If you cancel the subscription you can access the service normally until the end of the billing period, we will not refund the remaining the time.

For more details:

Online: You may cancel automatic renewal at any time before that date from within the ISPIRIT web site through your Manage subscription page:


Any purchases made are final and non-refundable, but if you feel that the service provided has not been as described please contact our Customer Service team at Note that if your payment is managed by Apple via iTunes we are not able to process refunds ourselves and you will need to contact Apple customer service for refunds.

Pricing changes

We may change the pricing plan at our discretion. In this case we will try to inform you before any changes so you can modify or cancel your subscription before the changes are made. We accept no responsibility for any losses you may incur by failing to change your subscription after we have informed you of any changes to the pricing plan.

Please note that we may offer limited time promotional prices at our discretion. Those may be also personal offers and not available to everyone. The promotional prices are not available within Apple’s iTunes store or Android’s Google Play store but only via ISPIRIT website.

Furthermore, promotional prices usually represent a one-time discount which is only valid for one purchase, not for any recurring payments. When your ISPIRIT subscription renews itself after your chosen period has ended, the original price will therefore be charged to your account.