Yogavatar® Lotus Gesture Glow with iRyne: Be Like the Lotus 90min Level-2

In conjunction with International Yoga Day on 21 June 2021 : Be Like The Lotus And Let The Beauty Of Your Heart Speak. The spiritual meaning of the lotus is a symbol of light and beauty coming out of the darkness. It opens the heart chakra and represents feeling the joys of life and feeling of oneness with all of creation. In this Lotus Gesture Glow class you will begin with an affirmation “I rise above life’s challenges with ease and grace”. Throughout the class you will apply the lotus gesture which helps to purity the body both mentally and for physical health and make you more calm to move into the peak pose Lotus Gesture Forearm Stand (Pankaj Mudra Pincha Mayurasana). Finally, the class will conclude with a mantra of good fortune and abundance, both spiritual and material. Let’s practice! You can self-practice a short Shavasana at the end this class. Props suggested: wall space, yoga blocks, yoga strap.

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