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Yogavatar® Glow

Yogavatar®️ Glow is a vigorous yoga practice focusing on stretching and strengthening while maintaining steadiness of the body and mind. The body movements can be slow and long hold, sometimes moves like the water flow. The breathing is deep and quality for a smooth energy flow. The main goal of this practice is to let your body and mind Glow!

Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Open Your Heart 60min Level-2

Find Joy Opening Your Heart! Prepare to lift up into full Wheel Pose safely and intelligently. This backbends emphasized class ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with R2: For Beginners 60min Level-1

Move through classic postures and connect to the breath. R2 will provide plenty of modifications so you can make each ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Power Your Way Up to Kukkutasana 60min Level-2

Arm balances require every part of you to show up. This class has a full warm up, standing to seated ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: let’s get mobile 45min Level-1

A great practice for everyone, progressively strengthen and stretch the legs and open up side body. Next exploring into Ardha ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: International Yoga Day 75min Level-2

Get Mobile, Get Stretchy a 75 minutes yoga practice, which focuses on hip mobility. iRyne will guide you a mix ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Root to Rise 70min Level-2

Heat up your yoga practice with this 70 minutes Yogavatar® Glow, which focuses on engaging the core and opening up ...
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Surya Namaskara Classical Sun Salutation with instructions by iRyne Yogavatar 15min Level-1

Sun Salutation Practice is a great way to kick start your day. Lead by iRyne Yogavatar, this yoga practice will ...
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Yogavatar® Flow with iRyne: Om Together Live 70min Level-2

You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. All you have to do is to breathe! Join our most ...
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Yoga For Scoliosis with iRyne Yogavatar 100min Level-1

If you suffer from scoliosis, this 100-minutes yoga practice will help alleviate discomfort and realign your spine. Yoga Approach to ...
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Yogavatar® Zen

Yogavatar® Zen is a yoga practice for relaxing, repairing and rejuvenating both your body and mind. The practice will begin with gentle movements to release physical and mental tension, progressing into long hold resting poses. Variety of breathing and meditation techniques will be offered to deepen your Zen experience.

Yogavatar® Zen with R2: Nourish and Replenish 60min 中英双语 Level-1

This class begins with a gentle supine whole-body warm-up. After that, you’ll move into a bolster-supported side-lying stretch and a ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne: Restore 60min Level-1

Yogavatar® Zen is a yoga practice for relaxing, repairing and rejuvenating both your body and mind. The practice will begin ...
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瑜伽休息术 Yoga Nidra: R2引导 50min Level-1

瑜伽休息术是古老瑜伽中的一种颇具效果的放松艺术。在整个练习过程中,需要完全集中意识且放松身体而让其休息。但这种休息与一般意义上的睡眠有着根本的不同。因为在正确的练习中练习者可能用意识去控制它,并且从意识中醒来。对于过于繁忙、缺少睡眠的人们,15至60分钟的瑜伽放松术就能使人恢复精力。睡前练习瑜伽休息术至自然入睡可充分提高睡眠质量。在瑜伽课程中,每个动作间以及课程结束部分都会有加入休息术,这有助于练习者肌体和精神的超量恢复。Guided by R2 Tho Hui Lee speaking in Chinese This video is for members only. Sign up now to get ...
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Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation 40min Level-1

Yoga Nidra is an an ancient form of guided meditation that has been proven effective to reduce stress, tension, anxiety, ...
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Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation 30min Level-1

Feeling stressed? Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) uses a series of body, breath, and awareness techniques that allow the body to ...
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Yoga Nidra 15min Level-1

Yoga nidra is the ultimate relaxation technique for releasing stress and tension held in your body. Experience a deep level ...
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Tutorial: Surya Namaskara Classical Sun Salutation with iRyne: What & How 30min

A step-by-step yoga tutorial by iRyne Yogavatar. In this video you will learn what is Sun Salutation and how to ...
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