Stay tuned for the weekly release schedule as follows:

Tuesday 5:30pm: Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne (level-1)
Tuesday 6:45pm: Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne (level-2 & 3)
Thursday 5:30pm: Yogavatar® Glow with R2 (level-1)
Thursday 6:45pm: Yogavatar® Zen with R2 (level-1)
(Time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia GMT+8)

New Releases

Yogavatar® Zen with R2: Reduce Back Pain and Stiffness 60min Level-1

This 60 minutes yoga sequence is ideal for maintaining back strength and flexibility. It's also one of the more effective ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with R2: Rise & Align (II) 60min Level-1

This 60-minute yoga class will include mindful movement and alignment aware asana (physical practice) as well as breath. R2 opens ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Poorna Bhujangasana An Invigorating Backbend 60min Level-3

Poorna Bhujangasana or Full Cobra Pose is an invigorating backbend that can feel like an exciting journey. Ideally in this ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne: Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate Your Arms with a Rolled-Up Yoga Mat 60min Level-1

There are ways to use a rolled-up yoga mat in your practice to repair, restore and rejuvenate your arms. In ...
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Yogavatar® Glow

Yogavatar®️ Glow is a vigorous yoga practice focusing on stretching and strengthening while maintaining steadiness of the body and mind. The body movements can be slow and long hold, sometimes moves like the water flow. The breathing is deep and quality for a smooth energy flow. The main goal of this practice is to let your body and mind Glow!

Yogavatar® Glow with R2: Stability and Strength 60min Level-1

R2 opens this strengthening class with gentle movement for warm-up. After that, you’ll move on to sun salutes, a warrior ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Flip Your Perspective 60min Level-2

Flip Your Perspective. Headstand the king of asana. What does it take to meet the king? It takes a lot ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with R2: The Warriors 60min Level-1

An invigorating sequence focus on the five warrior poses which open the hips and work on your strength and stamina ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: The Feather Peacock 60min Level-3

This class includes warm-ups for core and hip strength and opening, shoulder opening practice to prepare your upper body to ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with R2: Strengthen Your Core and Arms 60min Level-1

This 60-minute yoga class begin with gentle warm up and sun-salutation, you will move on to chair pose variation with ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Pure like lotus flower 60min Level-2

This sequence, which is full of dynamic movement and strengthening postures, will help you prepare for Padma Mayurasana (Lotus in ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with R2: Stretch and Strengthen 60min Level-1

Revitalize your body with this complete practice! Enjoy this perfect mix of stretching and strengthening postures. Begin with gentle warm ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Soaring Consciousness 60min Level-3

Navigate the challenges on your path with the graceful skill that Garudasana (Eagle Pose) represents. Garuda’s pose and story inspire ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with R2: Loosen Tight Hips 60min Level-1

Loosen tight hips, improve your range of motion and circulation, alleviate back pain. This 60-minute Yoga class will help you ...
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Yogavatar® Glow with iRyne: Struck with Wonder Pose 60min Level-3

Nothing quite radiates joy like Camatkarasana (Wild Thing or Struck with Wonder Pose). This class combines strength of your arms ...
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Yogavatar® Zen

Yogavatar® Zen is a yoga practice for relaxing, repairing and rejuvenating both your body and mind. The practice will begin with gentle movements to release physical and mental tension, progressing into long hold resting poses. Variety of breathing and meditation techniques will be offered to deepen your Zen experience.

Yogavatar® Zen with R2: Better Digestion 60min Level-1

In this 60-minute yoga class, some of the poses will gently massage the digestive organs, which may alleviate gas and ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne: Release Hips Tension for a Healthier Back. 60min Level-1

This class is designed to help you to release tightness in your hips and relieving lower back tension and keep ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with R2: A Calming Practice to Soothe Anxiety 60min Level-1

In our modern society, fear has many disguises. Some people may not identify strongly with the word fear, but they ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne: Strengthen Brain’s Capabilities 60min Level-1

Stress and anxiety can cause degeneration of the brain such as poor memory and concentration. in this class, you will ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne: Relieve Tension Headaches 60min Level-1

When it comes to preventing or curing a headache, there is no substitute for a thorough, daily yoga program. In ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with R2: Open Heart 60min Level-1

Join R2 for this 60-minute restorative sequence to open your heart and shoulders. The meridians that we mainly work with ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne: Relief Lower Back Pain 60min Level-1

Relief Lower Back Pain. The lower back is a sensitive spot for many people. While there can be a ton ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with R2: Yoga Nidra 60min Level-1

Find deep mind and body restoration in this 60-minute yoga nidra practice guided by R2 ThoHuiLee. Yoga Nidra is yogic ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with iRyne: Hips and Legs 60min Level-1

This class is comprised of long in style holds designed to unravel some tension and unlock some of the biggest muscles in your ...
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Yogavatar® Zen with R2: Restorative at the Wall 60min Level-1

Using the wall is a great way to support the body if you’re feeling fatigued, or if you’re looking for ...
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